About Us

About Us

Sports Center the first Sports Shop in the country is a sole proprietorship firm established in 1978/11/11 by the Founder Mr. Chandra Man Shakya in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sports Center is a Dealer, Distributor and a retailer of Sporting Goods in the country. Apart from dealing with Sporting Goods we also provide Augmenteed Services related to our products. We have been in this business for the past 40 years and more. We have a vision of creating a sporting goods store that facilitates the needs of the growing customers who want the best. We want to make Sports Center the first choice for every person wanting to buy Sporting Goods by providing quality Goods and Services at minimal time and reasonable rates.

We have a mission to be a recognized organization in its target market by providing outstanding goods and services, highest level of customer satisfaction, making customers feel valued and confident with our products and services.

As our lifestyle is now getting monotonous and programmed we encourage everyone to take up a sport or at least exercise in one way or another. For this we help our customers to select the right Sporting Equipment and Gears for their sports.

Our Mission

Born and raised in the Kathmandu valley, the Founder of Sports Center, Mr. Chandra Man Shakya, always felt the absence of a Sports store and yearned for such a store growing up in the Kathmandu valley. Later in his 20s, he realised that there were still no Sports store and felt compelled to change that, for future generations. He felt the obligation to make a Sports store a reality for everyone to enjoy. With a little help of Rs. 20,000 from his father, he opened Sports Center in 1978 on the ground floor of his father’s house in Chokhachhen Galli, Kathmandu.

Our Vision

Our founder’s vision was to inspire everyone to enjoy and play sports, and create active communities by providing access to sporting goods to everyone in the Kathmandu valley and surrounding areas. Today, Sports Center remains dedicated to helping our valued customers meet their sports and fitness needs by providing a multitude of quality sporting goods, fitness equipment and service offerings at affordable pricing